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Celebrating 30 years serving their local community 

About us

Welcome to DJM Domestics, one of the longest serving electrical appliance repair shops and kitchen part retailers in the West Midlands. 


We are immensely proud of the electrical repair work we carry out and we are totally committed to providing the very best customer service with each and every enquiry.


Our expertise is always tailored, understanding your situation and finding the best solution for you. 


We Specialise In:

  • Electrical Appliance Repairs and Servicing

  • New and Reconditioned Electrical Appliances

  • Dishwasher, Maintenance, Repair and Parts

  • Washing Machine Repair, Maintenance and Accessories

  • Fridge Repair, Parts and Maintenance

  • Reconditioned Dysons, Dyson Parts and Dyson Repair

  • Other leading Vacuum brand repairs

  • Maintenance and Repairs for a range of white goods

Vacuum repair from DJM domestics

Vacuum Repair

Ensuring that your vacuum is running as optimally as possible is important for both its cleaning performance and lifespan. 

If you find that your vacuum is not cleaning as well as it used to, we're happy to provide repairs and get it running as well as when you first bought it. As specialists in vacuum repair, we're happy to help with most leading vacuum brands.

White goods repair from DJM

White Goods Repair

We can also help repair a wide range of white goods. You may find that your appliance isn't producing the same results as it once was and you're looking to potentially replace.

Our white goods repair service is much more cost effective than buying an entirely new machine, with a dedicated team of specialists that have extensive experience in kitchen appliance repair over a wide range of products.

New and reconditioned appliances from DJM

New and reconditioned appliances

If our repairing service isn't an option, buying a new or reconditioned electrical appliance may be what you need.

We only sell high quality products that do the job you need it to. We never sell a machine or prescribe a solution if we know there's something else that might better suit a customer. 

White good maintenance from DJM


Regular maintenance of your white goods is an important part of ensuring you don't experience problems down the line.

Our team has many years of experience in servicing and maintaining a variety of white goods, with the expertise to offer relevant advice on how you can extend performance and lifespan as well as practical help.

Quality vacuum and household appliance parts from DJM

We keep parts in stock

Our huge range of quality parts in stock means that we can repair and service a wide variety of white goods and other electrical appliances, from your washing machine and fridge to smaller appliances you can find around the home.

DJM the local Dyson repair and parts specialist

Dyson Specialist

Our team is a dedicated Dyson specialist, with knowledge on both repairing and servicing the brand's vacuums as well as selling genuine Dyson parts and reconditioned Dysons. If you have any questions regarding the leading vacuum brand, we can help.

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Tel: 0121 358 0186

Email: thevacuum10@hotmail.com

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